Friday, November 16, 2007

Would you like to help me with a project?

I have purchased this blank puzzle made by Technique Tuesday and would love for some of you to help decorate it for me. I have given out 4 pieces and received the first one back. The first person to return it was my friend, Liz Ness. I have included a picture of the lonely puzzle waiting for decoration and a close up of Liz' piece. Isn't it gorgeous? I just love it and am truly very excited that she did this for me. I can't wait till I get the other pieces back.

The instructions are simple. Decorate in any way you like but be sure the edges will still be able to connect with the other pieces. I would also like you to put your name on the front in some way. You can make it part of the design or simply sign it. When I get all the pieces back, I will mount it and use it to decorate my scrap space so I will have a constant reminder of who my scrappy friends are.

Would you like to play? Email me your address to and I will mail you a piece.


Liz Ness said...

Oh this is such a cool, I want to do one, too! I can't wait to see it as it changes and when it's complete!

Samantha said...

Sounds fun!! I'm e-mailing you right now ;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, I would LOVE to do this!!! I will email you!!!!

Tandra said...

OMGosh this is a FABULOUS idea!! Id love to play too! I cant wait to see th efinished puzzle!!!