Monday, July 28, 2008

just got home from the hospital

My 22 yr old nephew (my sister's son) was in a work accident this afternoon. He was hit from behind by a 400 lb steel beam. Fortunately, his dad was working with him and shoved him out of the way of a full force hit. He has a gash on his foot/ankle to the bone and ligament and tendon damage and possibly some fractures. It was a miracle that he wasn't killed or crushed. They are waiting for an orthopedic surgeon to come out of surgery to evaluate him for surgery. The swelling is at the dangerous level. I was there for about six hours sitting with whoever was in the waiting room while the other one was in the room with Cole. My brother and his wife have taken over for me. Please pray that the damage to his foot can be fixed. The trauma doctor was talking about whether the tissue was viable or not, whatever that means. Poor boy is in horrible pain and his dad is just miserable with blaming himself.


Erica Hettwer said...

I hope everything goes okay with your nephews foot! How scary!



Raechelle said...

oh goodness! I sure hope everything works out well for your nephew. How scary! How fortunate that he didn't get more seriously injured.
I just popped onto your blog to check out your take on the sketch from Creatively Yours. Your layout is fantastic! Prayers for your family.