Thursday, July 31, 2008

update on my nephew

I will just share part of the email my sister sent this morning.

Cole is still hanging tough. He started taking pain pills in addition to the morphine yesterday to relieve some of the pain. He is still extremely stiff and sore and his foot continues to bleed out. His color is looking better and he no longer is running a fever, which is a relief. He will be having surgery tomorrow and they will cut into the wound on his foot and clean it up and repair anything that needs repairing, if they can close it they will but they are not sure yet. I don't know the time of the surgery but we should find out this morning when the doctor comes to visit. Probably will have at least a day or two in the hospital after that and then once he is released he will be treated in Grapevine by Dr xxxx who is not only a personal family friend, but an excellent doctor. The timeline for recovery appears to be the same(3 months), but knowing Cole he will work extra hard to speed that up, he already has asked when he can get back in the gym. Thank you for all the prayers and comfort you have shared with us.

Me again
He is in a hospital in Dallas which is about an hour drive from where most of us live which is why she is referring to where he is going to get his after surgery treatment. He is in Baylor which is considered one of the best trauma hospitals in the area and is a large teaching hospital affiliated with Southwestern Medical School. However, it has been tough on his parents who have been taking turns spending the night with him so one of them could be home with their 14 yr old at night and one of them can make sure Cole is being taken care of. I went by this afternoon and I was struck with how much he looks like his dad. When I mentioned it, they both asked at the same time. "Is that a good thing?" Made me laugh and I was glad to see their sense of humor again. It has been a tough couple of days. I thank you for your prayers and well wishes, too. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and appreciate you sharing it with my family.


lizness said...

This is GOOD news. I'm so glad that Cole is doing better. HUGS to everyone!

NoraAnne said...

Detta, sounds like good news, he sounds determined, that should definitely help in his recovery!