Friday, October 15, 2010

Pictures, I've been taking pictures

On Sunday, October 3, I met my sister and her two adorable girls at the Arboretum and we took some pictures of  the girls. The pumpkins were out. There were lots of pretty flowers and the girls were soo cute.

 Curtis went with me and he was a good sport. He played with the girls and made them laugh. He also carried my a bouquet of pink flowers around that I wanted the girls to pose with. As he stood outside the restroom waiting for all of us girls to come back out holding those flowers, he reports that he was asked the same question several times. "Are you proposing, today?" haha too funny!

When we left there, Curtis and I went to the fair. I didn't take too many pictures, there. It was really really crowded and we didn't stay long. However, here is one of the ferris wheel that I took while we stood in line.
I'll be back over the next few days with more pictures. I have lots of them!

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Chris Hertel said...

Your nieces are so adorable. They have gorgeous eyes! Your photos turned out really great.