Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas letter

I did not make Christmas cards this year. I bought them. Of course, they still aren't mailed. I did not put together a photo collage of my family's year. I even considered not writing the annual Christmas letter as our year was pretty ordinary. No, I am not being a scrooge, I have just been really busy. Work has been nuts. I get home and I am tired. There have not even been many home cooked dinners, just lots of Subway sandwiches, pizza and the occasional grilled cheese sandwich. My favorite meal is definitely the one we eat somewhere other than our house. However, I did sit down yesterday and wrote this short note which I will enclose with the store bought Christmas cards that might get mailed tomorrow. haha I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

Dear family and friends,

I’ve procrastinated writing my annual Christmas letter because there simply isn’t much to tell. Life is crazy busy but actually kind of quiet. Curtis and I go to work each day. We come home and relax. We go to bed and then, we start over again the next day. Sometimes, I look back at those days when both girls were younger and we had sports and school and extra curricular activities to fit into each day and wonder how in the world I lived through it. I like our life. We’ve settled into our routine and are enjoying the quiet. We are very blessed to have just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Of course, we look forward to seeing the girls at every opportunity. I talk to them on the phone several times a week and we still do fun things as a family. They are both happy and doing well.

Although she is currently looking for a job, Karen is a stay at home mom. She and Joe bought their first home this summer. They are slowly furnishing and decorating it. Seth is seven and in the first grade. He is smart, enjoys baseball and being a big brother. He has the cutest dimples and such a great smile. Curtis and I thoroughly enjoy every minute we spend with him. He says the funniest things. Stella just turned one this month and has started walking. She is a blonde haired, blue eyed cherub and we are all smitten with her.

Allison is teaching physics and Aquatic Science at Colleyville Heritage High School. She is very excited to have won a large educational grant that she plans to use for building a pond on the CHHS campus. The check presentation was especially fun as they surprised her by coming to her classroom with the marching band’s drum line leading them down the hall. She is also the adult sponsor of the teen leadership group at our church of which she was once a member and is teaching confirmation classes. For the last two years, she has seeing a very nice young man, Ryan Martin, a fellow Longhorn she met when they were both Biology majors at UT. He has become very much a part of our family, too.

Curtis and I hope the next year brings you all the joy and blessings you deserve.

With all our love,
Curtis and Detta Owens

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