Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joe graduates and a story

Congratulation to my son-in-law, Joe on his graduation from college. It took him a while to get serious. He joined the navy out of high school and then  after getting out halfheartedly went to school some and worked some until he and Karen reconnected a few years ago. I remember a conversation he and I had one day while we were in the waiting room during Karen's gall bladder surgery. He mentioned that he was not crazy about the job he had at that time but he took it because he loved my daughter and wanted to take care of her and Seth. He was interested in science and wanted to finish his degree, then go to graduate school and make something of himself. He had my heart at that moment. Here we are a few years later and he has his bachelor's. I'm so proud of him. He has worked full time, gone to school full time, loved Seth like he is his own and now has Stella, too. Good job, Joe. We love you.

I sat next to Joe's grandmother, Lee at dinner afterward. She was telling me how much she enjoys Seth and what a smart boy she thinks he is. She told me a story about him that did not surprise me one bit.

Shortly before Stella was born, Lee's husband, Ken was taken ill and died. Before he died, though, he was in intensive care for several days with his family keeping vigil at the hospital. Seth wasn't allowed to go into Ken's room because he was too young and that upset him a great deal. When Ken heard that Seth was upset, he sent word out to the waiting room to tell Seth that the next time he came to their house, he could play the piano for 10 minutes. Apparently, Lee and Ken had a 5 minute rule on grandchildren playing on the piano when they visit as most of them just bang on it. Lee said that, sure enough, the next time Seth came to visit, he reminded her that Grandpa Ken had said he could have 10 minutes on the piano. She also told me that Seth is unlike the children before him in that he will press the keys and actually listen to each note before he goes to the next one and can put some notes together well. She thinks he has some musical talent. I hope he pursues that. I loved listening to the music in the house when Karen was singing and Allison was playing her flute. Miss that.

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That made me cry. :) Love you.