Saturday, January 22, 2011

A List of Random Stuff

1. I've only scrapped one page since Nov 1. Seriously. I was a little burned out and wanted to take a break. However, I haven't stopped taking pictures, so I need to catch back up.

2. I went through every drawer and box and piece of paper in my scrap room and filled up two big boxes full of stuff that I was just not in love with. That is what happens when you are on DT. Loved being on it. Loved it, I swear. However, I occasionally got stuff (for free) that I just really did not like. Gave it to this place. The birth mothers make scrapbooks for their babies. I wanted them to have fun stuff to use since I am so proud of them for making the decision to give their babies better lives, for choosing life. 

3. I've signed up for a new photography class at UTA. This one is called "on location." I'm pretty excited. It is about finding outdoor locations and how to get the best shots using natural light. It meets on the 4 Tuesdays in February during the DAY from 12-2. I've cleared it with my boss and everything. I just have to use 1.5 vacation days for the time I leave early each week.

4. I bought one of these. It is just perfect for the tripod pictures where I don't want to have any camera shake at all or when I am trying to get a child to look at me. I can make great faces and still press the shutter.

5. The hot flashes are not fun. They keep me from sleeping well. too. I am also told that I am not so fun, either. I've been accused of biting a certain someone's head off a few too many times. I guess I need to look into remedies.

6. I need to start walking again, too. The pounds are starting to creep back on. Is that from menopause, too? I got lazy this fall and just didn't start back up again. Shame on me.

7. Why are all the robes in stores either thick and plush (which makes them hot) or short and slinky? I want a plain cotton wrapper that is at least mid calf length. The one I have is getting a bit worn out.

8. I'm starting to think about retirement a lot lately. I'm not ready financially but certainly ready, otherwise. I like my job but like the idea of not working, too.

9. I'm really excited about all the engagements that are happening in my family. Right now, I've got a niece and two nephews planning weddings.I'm betting the next few years will be busy with weddings as more and more of them get older.

10. I've seen several people post their top 12 pictures from last year on their blogs. I want to do that, too. I just need to find the time to go back through the 5 million pictures I took last year.

11. I've got a day planned with my girls for Feb 12. I am so excited. We haven't done anything, just the three of us, in quite a while.

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ScrapMomOf2 said...

Hi Detta! I just wanted to stop by to thank you for your nice comment on my Moxie Fabber of the Week feature on the Moxie Fab World blog! Thank you very much!! I am so honored to have been featured!!

Love your random list! I am going to purge and giveaway too! I have so much stuff! I'm a collector, and I feel like I have to have it ALL! That needs to stop! I hope you found a robe!! :)