Friday, April 13, 2007

Laughter Unfurled

Several weeks ago, I was browsing in a shop called The Artful Hand when I discovered these cool wooden sculptures and prints called Story People by an artist named Brian Andreas. I was drawn to their colors and their abstract design but was more drawn to the stories that came with each one. I stood there and read every story. I was intrigued enough to buy one of his books. Naturally, there were several that I thought would be great for scrapbook pages. I even thought to myself that Allison with her quirky sense of humor would also love these stories.

Allison's favorite word is laughter. Not only do I love that she has a favorite word, (Do you have one? I need to think about that one.) I love that she says I influenced her choice of that word. My fondest memories of both my girls' childhoods always involved laughter. In honor of her word, her laughter and my discovery of the Story People, here is my newest layout. I go to play with my new cricut, my new Autumn Leaves stamps (the butterfly) and I was brave enought to draw that butterfly path by myself. I was a little nervous about that one.

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Anonymous said...

My sign name (given by a friend that could hardly hear anything, but could hear me laugh) is a laughing "L." To me, this is one of the best compliments of my life and I love my sign name and laughter!