Saturday, August 25, 2007

I get up at 4 am

This page is about my job. I was inspired by Kelz' article in CK magazine. I took my camera to work and took pictures during the day. Click on the picture to read the journaling. I really am glad that I have this job. It pays well so that we are comfortable. It gave me the freedom to do things with my kids when they were in school. I got to go on field trips and see school plays and pick them up from school occasionally. I have every weekend and holiday off. When I worked in the stores, I was there every weekend and every holiday. Those jobs are very important and I totally respect those who do them but I am really happy where I'm at.

I still have one more MMM page to share but will save it for another day.


Latharia said...

Awesome page! Love the bold colors & lines!

mamatwoboys said...

Hi Detta, Susan from IA here, sorry this took so long, wanted to thank you for the goodies you sent. We started school last week so it has been hectic but getting your treat on Monday was super. And, after reading that you start your day at 4:30 I will not gripe so loud when my alarm beeps at 6:30!

Theresa Tyree said...

You are the most tenacious person I know!! 30 years with the same man AND the same DH? WOW! Can you spell stability? I wish I could've been more like you!! I love reading about you through your journaling. Thanks for sharing!