Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Sandwiches

Yesterday was our monthly Lunch at Mom's. My sibs and I take turns fixing the main course and everyone else brings something to share. This month was Lex's turn. The email he sent out this week said that after much deliberation, he had decided we were having Sunday Sandwiches. I laughed out loud. Soon all of us were emailing back and forth with our childhood memories of Sunday lunches. Kathy joked that the only fresh vegetables we ever got were lettuce and tomato on our sandwiches. Lex said they were not truly Sunday Sandwiches unless they were on thin white Mrs. Bairds bread that had been taken out of the freezer the night before. Someone else mentioned the Miracle Whip and Fritos. Of course, we then had to explain to our spouses and our children just what Sunday Sandwiches were. As soon as I got my sandwich made yesterday, I snapped a picture. My nephew, Trey asked me if it was a particularly pretty sandwich since I was taking its picture. It was definitely a stellar example of a Sunday Sandwich. It had roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and horse radish sauce on wheat bread. We never had roast beef or horse radish sauce or wheat bread when we were kids but some concessions have to be made for our healthier lifestyle, don't they. So, who is curious about what a Sunday Sandwich is? Here is a layout I made today to explain it. I hope I haven't made you hungry.


Katie Jones said...


Anonymous said...

Aaawww, what a beautiful family story/memory! So glad you scrapped it! Have you got silly family traditions with your family, too?

Anonymous said...

That is one good-looking sandwich. The funny thing is last Friday night, I had a dinner that looked very much like your layout

Theresa Tyree said...

What a special memory you shared! Isn't this what scrappin' is all about? Perfectly put together. I love the photo, the page design but especially the story.

Now, where's my jar of Miracle Whip? I'm hungry!!