Saturday, January 5, 2008

I've decided on a word

After much thought and some feverish flipping through a dictionary and a thesaurus, I have chosen a word. My word for 2008 is "find." It has many different possibilities. I considered learn and discover and grow but decided that find was the one. Some definitions include:
  1. to come upon unexpectedly. Since I have decided to take a picture every day this year, this one has particular significance. I hope to find lots of interesting and beautiful things to photograph and document with my camera and with my scrapping.
  2. to recover something lost. I am hoping to find a healthier me this year as I begin walking again. While I am comfortable with my weight, I need to be stronger and more fit.
  3. to perceive or discover as by search or experience or examination. I hope to find new knowledge and new skills this year by reading more and taking a photography class.
  4. to consider or think. I hope to find the meaning in all that I do
  5. to become aware of one's special ability or vocation (find oneself) Although I am fairly confident in myself and comfortable in my skin, I hope to find a better me as I do all of this finding!
I am thinking about doing a mini book with quotes about finding things. Right now, though, I need to find my bed. It is getting late.

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