Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up on my December Daily

Day 3: I attended a breakfast benefitting the March of Dimes sponsored by Tom Thumb (my employer)

Day 4, I did a little shopping
on Day 5, the ladies at work decorated the office tree and Seth has decided tangerines are the best food ever.
Day 6, I went to a card making party and I stamped tons of these little Christmas trees to put on my cards. I'm thinking about buying cards, though, cause I am running out of time.
Day 7, We got our tree down from the attic. This is the day I was amazed at my husband's knowledge! I bought this prelit tree last year after Christmas and we put it up in the attic still in the box. We got it down and discovered that all of the inside parts were wrapped in bubble wrap and the tape was impossible to peel after baking in the attic all summer. I grabbed a pair of scissors to cut the wrap and immediately cut a cord!"Curtis," I said, " I just screwed up." When he learned what I had done, he said "no problem. I can fix it." He had tools and he spliced those wires together, melted it with a lighter and it actually works! I was amazed and delighted. Go, Baby!
Day 8, Seth set up the nativity scene for me but his mom came for him before were decorated the tree.


Amy L said...

This is really coming along nicely, Detta! Love this little peek into your life!

Veronica said...

Looks GREAT! Working on mine!

Cheryl Wray said...

I am SO impressed that you're doing this!!!!! I LOVE yours!!!! (I thought about doing it, but I did the Week in the Life album, which was awesome, but not sure I could do another "everyday" project so soon. :-)

Have a GREAT weekend!!