Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My weekend in San Antonio

I spent the weekend in San Antonio. My niece, Lauren graduated from St. Mary's University with a BA on Biology. Her plans are to attend physician's assistant school in the fall. On Saturday morning, I picked up my mother and hit the road picking up Allison in Austin on our way. We met my brother and his wife, their younger daughter, and another brother of mine at the campus. After the ceremony, we had dinner on the riverwalk and then strolled on the water's edge looking at the lights and people watching. After we dropped our mother off at the hotel, the rest of us met Lauren and her friends at a small bar and we talked and laughed. Those of us over the age of 25 did not make it past midnight but I had a really great time.


Veronica said...

Congrats to your niece! Glad you had fun!!

Amy L said...

We lived in SA for 3 years and my oldest 2 were born there. Glad you had fun. Looks like you did good with your low light pics!