Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween pictures and more catching up

Wow,it has been an eventful week here in the Owens home. On Monday, Karen began having contractions. At that point, she was only 33 weeks. They were consistently 4 minutes apart when she arrived at the hospital at 9:30 pm. Fortunately, she had not started to dilate and they were able to stop them after two shots and a pill. Don't ask me what they gave her. I have no clue. However, by 11, when it looked like she would be there a while, I took Seth home with me and put him to bed. I had a heck of time getting tha boy up to take him to school the next day. It has been a long time since I had to do that kind of duty. Karen is now on a prescription to keep her uterus relaxed but has contractions when she exerts herself. That is why I got to take Seth to his school carnival and trick or treating last night.

I also would love it if you would say some prayers for my extended family, too. Joe's (my son-in-law) grandfather is in the hospital with heart and kidney failure and is not expected to make it much longer. His family is keeping vigil at the hospital and I brought Seth home with me yesterday afternoon to make it a little easier on those sitting in that waiting room. 6 year olds just don't sit quietly very well. Karen came over here for a little while to get Seth ready for trick or treating but went back after he was finished.

My cousin's 26 yr old son has been diagnosed with a brain tumor in his frontal lobe which has caused him to have seizures. He is on medication to control those seizures and they are going to monitor the tumor for a while because the neurosurgeon thinks it may have been there for a while. He was recently laid off of his job and does not have insurance. Please pray that he finds a good job soon so that he has coverage if the time comes to remove the tumor.

Allison has been furniture shopping and has purchased a dinette set, a couch and chair and is all set to move out next month. She is very excited and I am for her. I know she is ready to get out of her parent's house.

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Amy L said...

Nice to get caught up with you! Seth makes a cute little vampire. Will be praying for your extended family.