Saturday, November 21, 2009

so a funny thing happened in my week

I had good intentions. I was going to document this week in my life. It was a pretty significant week in my life, too. My plan was to take a picture of myself every day. My plan was to make a mini book with those pictures. My plan was to celebrate the week I turned 50. Well, life got in the way of a week in my life. I got busy. I had stuff to do. I forgot! I took pictures a couple of those days. I took pictures today. In fact, I actually like the pictures I took today, the day I turned 50. I intend to take more later, when the girls come over and I blow out a candle on my chocolate cupcake. I plan to hand the camera over to someone and say, "take my picture, please." You see, it's my birthday and I want some pictures of it. Did I mention that I am 50 today? Well, I am. I have the gray hair and the "smile" lines to prove it. I'll share pictures, later.

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Amy L said...

Congrats and happy birthday, Detta! Can't wait to see some of those pictures.