Thursday, June 24, 2010

And this is Karen

My oldest child is doing well. She is happily married and raising a beautiful little family. Seth is 6 and Stella is 6 months old. She and Joe have just bought their first home and are in the process of acquiring those essential things you need in a house and will be moving soon to Saginaw, Tx. She has been fortunate enough to stay home the last year and half with her kids and I believe everyone involved has benfitted from it. Although losing her job was traumatic at first, it all worked out. She plans to begin job hunting again once they get settled in their new home.

Karen keeps us entertained with her facebook updates and her daily adventures with her children. There is never a dull moment at her house. She likes me to take pictures of them which I love.

I am so proud and happy with the woman she has become. She is a wonderful mother. She is best friends with her sister. She fills my heart.I am also so proud of the way she ferociously defends her kids and looks out for other children, too.


mama dragonfly said... you.

Jen Martakis said...

What a beautiful family. You can tell just how proud you are of your girls. I love your layout. Miss ya Detta!