Saturday, June 19, 2010

Look, I'm back

As promised, let me tell what is going on with the girls. I will talk about Allison today.

Allison has finished up her first year of teaching physics at Colleyville Heritage High School. She also taught a Geology class and a TAKS recovery class for kids who did not pass the science portion the first time. She now knows what it is like to stand on your feet all day and to catch every cold and sickness the kids bring to school with them. Her teacher friends assure her that her immune system will toughen up. The feet will probably continue to hurt, though. Next year, she will be teaching a new class called Aquatic Science. She is really looking forward to this one as her major was actually Biology and this is more her "thing." Right now she is searching for donations to supplement the budget she has been given to buy enough supplies (tanks) for the kids to take care of their own ecosystems as their year long project. She has applied for a grant at this site and is looking for help  from anyone who wants to help out her cause. Here is the link to her grant proposal.

Raising Nemo in Aquatic Science

Allison is living in her own apartment not far from here. She has a serious boyfriend, Ryan, whom we like very much. Poor guy is an only child and is sometimes bewildered by all of the very large family shenanigans that goes with my extended family. She has also recently adopted a dog that she named Beaker. How's that for science geekdom?

Here are a couple of Allison layouts I've done recently.

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