Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Blog

Hello Blog,
It’s been a while but I’ve been kind of busy. I’ll do a quick catch up on what I’ve been doing and see if I can make you feel appreciated. I’ll try to visit a little more often after today.

I spend quite a bit of my time at Memorable Seasons where I am the design team coordinator. Between keeping things going on the boards and doing the projects required, I stay pretty busy and my scrap room stays terminally messy. Come see me there. The Last Scrapper Standing contest is going on right now and we already have some amazing entries. Jill keeps me supplied with enough supplies that I don’t even need to go shopping anymore. The ladies on the design team are super, too.

I have also been taking some photography classes at the University of Texas in Arlington. It is part of their continuing education department and can lead to a professional photographer certification. I’m still not sure I’ll go that far, but I might. So far, I’ve taken Digital photography basics I and II, Photoshop for photography, and am now in the first lighting class. There are classes for portrait photography, wildlife and nature photography, weddings, Lightroom, photography business, etc. If I take things one a time, I should be in the program for a while. I can shoot in manual. I spend more time in aperture priority but manual does come in handy for certain things.

I am really enjoying learning to use my camera. I am now shooting with a Nikon D90. I have two lenses, an 18-200mm 3.5 VR and a 35mm 1.8. I am always willing to take your picture. Please feel free to ask. I really want the practice. I’ve taken three nephews out to fun locations and done some photo shoots. I’ve taken family pictures for Karen twice and some couple shots of Allison and Ryan on their way to a wedding. I think that with each one, I’ve learned some different things. I am constantly reading books and searching for tutorials and help on the internet.

I have also discovered facebook. It manages to eat up much of my time, too. It is so much fun looking at everyone’s pictures and catching up on what every one is doing that time seems to just fly by when I am on there. I am also seriously addicted to Bejeweled and really need to beat my son-in-law’s score. It is my number one goal. At this time, though, I get positively giddy if I am in the top 10 scorers of my friends. Yes, I know that is pretty sad.

Of course, I do spend time in the recliner, too. While I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, Curtis does and I keep him company. I like to read or thumb through magazines while he watches the Discovery or Learning channels. Most of those shows just do not interest me.I mean, really. Why do I want to know how things are made or watch some guy eat a 30 pound hamburger in an hour?

Here are a few layouts I’ve done recently.I know if any of you are actually reading this, you know me from scrapbooking. 

Next time, I’ll catch you up on the girls.


mama dragonfly said...

Nice Layouts. :0)

Veronica said...

Detta, I know what you mean about being busy! LOL I've not had a chance to blog or surf OR SCRAP!! Need to get back over to Memorable for it's also been a while. Hope all is well with the fam!!

GLOANN said...

Glad to see the update. And if I lived in your area I would definitely have some subjects for you to photograph.

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