Friday, September 21, 2007

Sept 21 morning coffee

Today, I was supposed to scrap my "gotta have" item. I tried to take pictures of my comfy work shoes but I just couldn't make them look good and I couldn't find a good quote about comfy work shoes, either. Since, the first thing I do after I turn on the shower in the mornings is go make a pot of coffee, this is my subject. It just wouldn't be morning unless I had coffee. In fact, the last time we visited Curtis' sister, Brendia who does not do caffeine of any kind, my darling husband got up, got dressed and went into "town" to find a cup for both of us. I guess it is a "gotta have" for him, too.


Renee said...

Great layout!

KJ-Starre said...

Hello there...I have seen your name on the CK board but never really had an opportunity to pop onto your blog and say hi. I read Joscie's blog & say your name there this is officially HI!!!

Oh, I am right there with is coffee first thing in the AM or nothing else until I get it. Hahahaha! strange bunch we caffeine lovers are. I love your title...did you use a Silhouette???? A friend leant me hers....DUMB machine I can't get it to cut any true fonts arrrh!
Have a super day.
Kim ;o)

Theresa Tyree said...

You always find the best quotes!

PS- Curtis is a keeper.