Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth

It is hard to believe this little boy is already five years old and yet I can hardly remember what life was like without him. He is such a joy and such a headache and so much fun. He can totally exasperate me while simply melting my heart. Did I mention that I just adore him? This is his attempt at a wink. Silly boy.

Tonight Curtis and I called him on the telephone to wish him happy birthday. When his mom handed him the phone, he said "happy birthday!" So funny. When I handed the phone to Curtis, he said it again, "happy birthday, Grandpa!" When I asked him what present his mommy gave him, his answer cracked me up. "A transformer, yummy!"


NoraAnne said...

oh, he looks like quite the charmer with that little wink! SO cute!

Amy L said...

What a cutie! I am enjoying watching him grow!