Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Good Day

Today, Curtis and I both played hooky from work and went to the state fair. Free tickets and a parking pass from my friend, Terry, made it irresistible. A light misty kind of rain was falling when we got there but it soon went away and the residual clouds kept the temperature comfortable. By noon, however, when we stopped to have the requisite turkey leg for Curtis and BBQ sandwich for me, the sun was out. It warmed up to the 80's but it was all good. We saw lots of cool stuff that we wanted to buy but didn't, ate samples of yummy foods, and watched a cooking demonstration that definitely made me want that expensive cookware. I resisted, though. I really wanted to ride the ferris wheel but it wasn't running. It was great being out there on a weekday and not having to fight the huge crowds of the weekend.

Allison usually calls me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9 and 11 because she has a break during that time at school. When she called and I told her where we were, she laughed. She said, "you guys are just too funny." It was fun just hanging out with my guy for the day. We will definitely have to play hooky again, someday.


Samantha said...

Do you live in TX?? I recognize the big cowboy and ferris wheel!! I hear they had fried oreos and twinkies! Did you try any of those? I'm glad to hear you and the hubby had a good time :)

Theresa Tyree said...

Awesome photos of you and I love that big blow up of Big Tex. I miss home.

I fell into the expensive cookware trap. LOL!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

I just saw pictures of the big tex and the ferris wheel on Paula Barber's blog. I wonder if you were there at the same time? I miss corn nuggets... mmmm texas!

Anonymous said...

Playing hooky makes for the best days!