Friday, February 29, 2008

And month 2 is done

Today is the last day of February and that is one more month gone in my project 365. I have not missed a single day, yet. If any of you are paying attention, you may have noticed that I had not uploaded any pictures for about a week, though. It has been a crazy week. I have made sure I took at least one each day. I just hadn't had time to go through them and decide which ones I liked best. Today, I got off of work early and made a couple of stops. I stopped by this church I pass every time I go to my office. I took several pictures of the steeple and of the clock and some of the unique carvings around the eaves. I also stopped by our local restaurant row to take pictures of the eateries there for a project I have in mind about eating out. Lucky for me, there was a bonus waiting for me. The Crepe Myrtles in front of Razoo's are blooming. They are such a pretty shade of pink. I did my best to get a shot of one of the bees buzzing around them, too but was a bit wary of getting too close. It was way hard to choose today's shot so I will share a few more of them here.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Detta -- it is such a challenging project, but so worth it! Love your photos!

joscelyne cutchens said...

so pretty! I haven't missed a day yet's so rewarding.
also, did you know that flickr free accounts only save 200 pictures? I had to upgrade to pro last week.

Miffy said...

Gorgeous pics, Detta!