Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My 50th photo of project 365

This photo project has been fun for me. It is making me look at everything with new eyes and a new perspective. I see colors and shapes and texture everywhere. I am constantly on the lookout for something new to photograph. I see things on the side of the road as I drive and I see new things in my house or in my yard each day. Today, I looked at this puppy in the front seat of my car peeking up at me from inside the box I threw him into and immediately knew I would photograph him when I got home. I picked him up to take him into the house with me to get my camera but liked how the sun was shining into the garage so I set him down on my new scrap counter that hasn't made it into the house yet. (more about that another day) I like that his shadow is showing.

The puppy belongs to Seth. Seth spent the night with me Sunday night because the day care was closed on Monday and I had agreed to keep him since Presidents Day is a holiday for me. However, some things came up at work that I had to deal with and I took Seth with me. We traveled to one of my remodels which was about 40 miles away. We got there. I took care of my business and we left. We were almost home when Seth started yelling from the back seat. "We have to go back! We have to go back! I left my puppy!" I'm not that big of a pushover that we were going to turn around and go back when I had to be there again today, too. I called the manager of the store who was kind enough to hunt for it. He found it and kept it safe for me. So, my 50th photo was a lost and found puppy who will soon be reunited with his boy.

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