Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Being a Photographer

While I absolutely do not consider myself an accomplished photographer by any means, I love taking pictures and hope to keep improving in my skills. After reading the following quote on Heather's blog, I have to agree that one of my favorite parts of taking the picture is the sound of the shutter as you push the button. LOVE that sound. It is even better now that I have the SLR and I can take those pictures repeatedly. Of course, I also love the part about freezing time but that sound is music to my ears.

"It’s about being a photographer.

It’s about the sheer joy of clicking the shutter…repeatedly! The sweet sound of the shutter and the explosion that occurs in your head and your heart when you make the shot. The deal is the shot, you know. You make the picture and you know something just froze solid in a shifting world. Something stabilized, for all time. You just hung your hat on a moment that otherwise would be gone forever, and now you can go back and take a look at that moment, be it amazing or ordinary, any time you want."

Joe McNally

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