Monday, February 4, 2008


I have been tagged by several people in the last couple of weeks to write a descriptions of myself using the first letters of my middle name. The truth is that my parents didn't give me one! I was born Bernadette Johnston. I go by Detta and I use Johnston as my legal middle name. I'm really wishing about now that I had a short little middle name like Sue or Ann or Jo.

J is for joyful
O is for optimistic
H is for happy
N is for nurturing
S is for silly
T is for talkative
O is for open to new ideas
N is for natural

I won't tag anyone else but if you want to do this, too. I'll come read yours.

How are all my fellow project 365 photogs doing? I have not missed a day, yet. I just put all of January in a couple of photo collages and printed them. I'm going to design a scrapbook page to showcase them and do this for every month.


Cheryl Wray said...

Great list!!

And I've always thought your name was so cool and had never heard "Detta" before. Now I know it's short for Bernadette. Very cool!

Theresa Tyree said...

Cool to find out your real name is Bernadette! I like Detta much better- no offense! Hee hee....

Kim said...

I didn't give my kids middle names either ... no regrets for dd as she can keep her maiden name as a middle name, but I do regret it for my son. DH & I couldn't agree on one, but right after I brought him home from the hospital I found one that TOTALLY would have worked and have regretted not seeing it BEFORE the delivery ever since! sigh....o well, such is life - right! Fun to learn about you Detta! :)