Sunday, August 10, 2008

A mish mash of stuff that I did this week

Good Sunday morning. My biggest news this week is that I finally decided to get contact lenses. Glasses are such a hassle and I have reached the point where I needed them all the time, even to drive. I am vain enough that I didn't want to use those dorky looking clip on sunglasses like my mother uses and I really didn't want to keep up with two pair of prescription glasses, either. I didn't do too badly once I started trying to put them in. It only took 6 or 7 tries in the doctor's office on Friday and yesterday, I got the right one in on the second try. Of course, I lost count on the left one. I bought a cute pair of sunglasses that Allison told me looked "young" so I am good!

When I was talking to Curtis about the contacts, I said I really like them but the downside seems to be that I no longer have glasses to hide the wrinkles around my eyes. The darling man replied, "I hate to tell you this honey, but your glasses were not hiding those wrinkles." LOL Gotta love an honest man.

I also got a shorter hair cut this past week. The hair stylist who is (of course) young enough to be one of my kids told me it looked "sassy" and once again tried to convince me to do some highlights to cover the gray. Although I thought about it pretty seriously, I passed on the highlights but liked the "sassy" comment. I will try to get a self portrait session done this week and show off my new look.

I got my entry for Memory Makers Masters mailed in. I sent mostly multi-photo layouts this time. I really love the layouts I did. I'm sure I will be sharing them with you in a couple of weeks when they pick their winners. LOL

Wedding plans are going well. We bought flowers to make boutonnières and corsages this week. Joe's grandmother is going to make those.

Seth is doing great at the babysitter's. I think this is what he needed. He is doing so much better with fewer kids around. The lady keeping him is enforcing manners and rules and he is much happier there than he was in day care where those poor teachers just did not have time to deal with one child who needs more attention than others. I am glad that he has a September birthday so he has one more year to mature before starting kindergarten.

Here is one layout I did this week for an AAM challenge at Memorable Seasons. The only thing I used on this layout that wasn't a scrap was the background page. I have been doing this a lot lately, challenging myself to use stuff in my stash that is already open and scraps. BTW, Memorable Seasons featured me as the first highlighted member in their newsletter this month. You really should come visit us. It is a slower paced message board than most I've been at but the gallery is full of gorgeous stuff. The design team is awesome and I have been ordering lots of really fun stuff from the store. They are beginning a new kit of the month. Each kit will be designed by a member of the design team. This months was designed by Jen. Funny thing about her kit is that I already have most of those papers so we obviously have similar taste. LOL The link is on the right under places I visit.


linda.b said...

I can't wait to see you new hair cut. I can honestly say that I have never noticed any wrinkles around your eyes and you have a very youthful appearance! Plus, you have terrific bone structure. I think both of your girls take after their mom!

Linda B.

Debbie said...

I can't wait to see your new hair and I know you will love those contacts. I have been wearing them since I was 16. After awhile you will become a pro at popping them in! I love that layout.

Amy L said...

Detta, I hope you like your contacts! I am having a heckuva time getting used to mine, but I don't want to give up yet! Nice page too!