Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

We kept Seth on Friday night so Karen and Joe could go out. I picked him up from the sitter and his hair was a bit disheveled. When we got home, Curtis asked him "what happened to your hair?" His reply? "I've got hair. YOU don't have any hair." Funny stuff.

Here is a picture of the prizes for my week of color photo challenges. I have made up five similar packages to this one. I will give one away each day to a random person who links me to a picture of their photo. I'll post the first one either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. You will have until 3 pm Central Time on Tuesday to post and I will select the winner shortly afterwards. Tell your friends. If I have more than 15 posts in one day, I will give away two prizes that day.


Debbie said...

Oh how funny!

I am going to try and join in photo color challenges. It will keep my camera in hands and learning more about it.

Mary Lou said...

Is there a special color each day?