Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our day at Six Flags

Curtis and I took Seth to Six Flags yesterday. The occasion was Curtis' company picnic and awards ceremony. After a week of rainy days and temperatures in the 70s and 80s, we had 95 degree sunshine. Ugh! Curtis said it first but I wholeheartedly agreed. If anything makes you feel old, it is spending the day at Six Flag with a small child. I can't imagine how we ever thought spending an entire day from open to close with our children at this 212 acre amusement park was fun. You walk and walk to stand in line for hours in the hot sun to ride a ride that lasts only a few minutes. It was an exhausting day. However, I have to admit that I loved watching Seth's face when he saw something cool or hearing his laugh after he and his grandpa got totally soaked to the skin on the Aquaman ride or hearing him say how "super" fun it was. Everything is "super" to him lately as in "did you think that was super scary or just a little bit scary?" It was so super fun that they rode it again right before we left and got even wetter the second time. I just really think I am over the Six Flags part of my past life.


Debbie said...

Oh I would have to agree with you that I am definitely over the Six Flags days in my life.

KSmith said...

I so over 6 flags too at least the one in my state LOL

RitaS said...

looks like you had a blast -love the high five photo Detta!