Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 days till wedding


  • I bought a purse that matches my dress perfectly.
  • My mom called and said the dead trees will be gone by Saturday. What does that mean, you ask? Our church has a person whose job is to take care of the church "environment." She decorates for holidays, makes arrangements for the altar, etc. The last several weeks, there have been these very tasteful ferns on the altar which are very nice. Two weeks ago, however, there appeared behind the altar these hideous dead branches with fall leaves scattered about and an arrangement of what looked like wheat sheaves with orange and yellow ribbons. My sister called me and asked if I had been to church, yet. I replied, "no" because I was leaving for Austin and was planning to attend mass with Allison at her church. Kathy told me I was going to "die" when I saw it. One of the rules at our church is that you are not allowed to touch the altar decorations even for weddings. Kathy told me if they were still there for Karen's wedding, she would have no problem removing them even if she got kicked out of our church. LOL She was right. When I did see them, I was mortified at the ugliness. I called my mother, who works at our church and pleaded my case. She told me that she couldn't do anything about it. However, the environment lady (her name is Jo) asked for the wedding colors this morning and told my mom she was going to make some arrangements to match the wedding since it was her granddaughter getting married. So, Mom asked her about the dead trees and Jo's reply was, "oh my goodness, no! I was not planning to leave those up during the wedding!" I sent my sister an email telling her "hooray, the dead trees are gone!" Her reply was "Praise Jesus!" Yes, I know we probably were all upset for nothing and I never told Karen about it until today, either. She just laughed and said thanks for not telling me. I didn't need any more stress. I wish I had pictures of the dead trees for you to see but alas, I do not.
  • Curtis and I went to pick up his tux. He looks adorable.

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Veronica said...

I don't think "dead" trees would be appropriate for a wedding. Just what would that say about the marriage?! LOL I'm getting excited....