Monday, October 13, 2008

5 days till wedding


  • I picked up the programs from the printer.
  • I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some disposable cameras for the tables and a couple of photo frames. Hooray for 50% off sales.
  • I made 5 gift bags to hold the gifts for the readers and hostesses at the wedding
  • I picked up a very sick little Seth from the sitter. Poor guy. Has a stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down. He was also running a fever. He just lay on the couch until his mommy came and got him and took him to the doctor. I felt so bad for him. He was really upset that he didn't get lunch, too.
  • The kids got their license. Only had to pay $11 instead of $60 plus they would have paid without premarital counseling.
  • I put together six ITSO storage units from Target in my scrap room. I think I'll get one more a week until I have three more. Lots of organizing to do, now.


Allie said...

Anxious to see the new scrap room stuff! I was eying the Itso stuff just last night. Gorgeous bags!

Veronica said...

Go Detta! Go Detta! Go Detta! Just don't tire yourself out. You definitely need to reap the rewards of this wedding!
I, too, can't wait to see your scrap room. I saw the Itso at Target and I'm trying to figure out how and WHERE to put it! :)

seeyouthen! said...

Have you considered asking your friends to bring their digital cameras and fill their data cards. Its a cheap and easy way to get 100's of photos and your friends will have a ball being wedding paparazzi.

Upload them all to your wedding photos website