Friday, October 10, 2008

8 days till wedding

  • I left work early and declared myself officially on wedding prep leave. (they call it vacation)
  • I picked up Karen's dress from being cleaned and pressed. She got a little pollen on it at the Arboretum. Looks good.
  • I got money from the credit union to pay the caterer.
  • I went by the church to pick up a new premarital counseling certificate for Karen and Joe. The courthouse wouldn't accept the first one cause it didn't have a date on it. The state of Texas waives the license fee if you have counseling before your wedding.
  • I picked up Seth from the sitter.
  • Scrambled eggs for dinner
  • I created the wedding program.
  • Allison came home so she can go to the Texas-OU football game at the state fair tomorrow.
  • Worked on some more design team stuff.

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