Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday Fun

My Mother just cracks me up sometimes. She has never been the best cook but she decided this past week that she would just order pizza when everyone came over on Easter Sunday. She sent out an email asking who was coming for lunch and telling us her plans. I was appalled! I called her and told her that we could not have pizza on Easter. Her answer to that was that she did not feel like cooking. (like I really thought she was going to cook in the first place LOL) So, I rallied the troops and I bought a ham and the siblings brought sides and desserts. My sister brought some eggs for her twins and Seth to hunt. Seth did not want to hunt though. He had gone on a hunt with his Mommy and Joe the day before and said he would let his little cousins get the eggs. Isn't he sweet? We watched the Mavericks lose on TV and laughed. My silly Mother pitched the ball to Seth in the backyard while we all debated on whose turn it was to take her to the emergency room when she fell and broke something. LOL It was a good day.


inara said...

looks like a good, sweet day!

Cheryl Wray said...

These are such HAPPY pictures!! Ha ha about the pizza!

Marfa said...

Beautiful photos....oh, isn't she so COOL? I mean, she emails, she wants to order pizza and play baseball?? Wow.