Thursday, March 27, 2008

They are just so grown up

My beautiful girls are just so grown up. They are living their own lives. They don't really need me for much anymore except for the occasional shoulder to cry on or for me to clap my hands and say "yay" when they are happy. Of course, there is still that college tuition I'm paying for Allison but I digress. When we went to the butterfly exhibit last weekend, I really enjoyed watching them delight in the butterflies and the pretty flowers in the park just like they were little girls again. When it was time to go and we began to walk to the car, I noticed how much alike they looked as they walked together and how comfortable and happy they were with each other as they chatted. I snapped these pictures while thinking about how they have left my everyday life but are still so much a part of me every day. I love these two young women very much.

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Samantha said...

What a great page, Detta! Your girls are lovely. You should be one proud mama!!