Thursday, March 13, 2008

I found a dress

AND it only cost $40! It also doesn't look like something my mother would wear. LOL

The girls and I looked at a couple of bridesmaid dresses at a bride shop in the mall and I tried on a beige dress that I really liked. The girls liked it, too. However, since it was the first one I had even tried on, we left it. Karen wanted to look at Dillards since it was right next door. No bridesmaid dresses but the girls started handing me dresses saying "try this one, Mommy and this one and this one." The one I bought was on the 75% off rack and was only $40 marked down from the original $160. It is a golden green color with a fitted jacket. The jacket is actually a brown and green print but it is very very subtle. It will have to be altered a bit in the chest since I have no boobs but other than that, it looks really good on me. The girls say it is the perfect color for my eyes and my skin. It is even long enough for me to wear a small heeled shoe. How exciting is that! Did I tell you it was only $40!!!!!!!!
I have on no make up in this picture and I am standing barefoot in the backyard but you get the idea. Did I tell you how excited I am? LOL


linda.b said...

The girls are right, this color is perfect for you. It is just beautiful.

I was going to tell you where the Liz Claiborne store is in the outlet mall. You left a comment on my blog about it. You go south on 35 to Hillsboro and there are signs about the outlet mall. It is right off 35 on the east side. Liz Claiborne is the first store on the right when you enter the outlet mall's more southern entrance. I don't know how long the additional percentage off will be going on, but the sales clerk thought it would be for a while.

mamatwoboys said...

What a great deal! WOn't you feel smug wearing your dress on the big day knowing that you payed so little and are getting so many compliments? Gotta love a bargain and a pretty one at that! Good luck with the rest of the details.

Sandy said...

Detta, that is a beautiful dress and it looks great on you. The main thing is if you feel good in it and the bride likes it. LOL Great find at $40. That's the way I shopped for both my DD and DSs weddings, sale rack. Or sales and big coupon savings at Macy's. You'll be a very beautiful Mother of the Bride. Exciting.

linda.b said...

OK, I am having an airhead moment. I read your comment about the LSS on my blog very quickly and thought you were outlet mall. Then I was reading this post about the mother of bride dress and the bargain. I left this long message about where the outlet mall is and you were asking where the scrapbooking store is. I just need to slow down.

The scrapbook store is off of New Road. Take 35 South to Waco and exit at New Road. Turn right and it is up on the right side in the shopping center with Lowes. You can see Lowe on the end. It is almost to the corner of the strip. The store was great, and the employees were very nice. I will say that they prices were a little high. But, I guess that is part of the way a LSS stays open.

Cheryl Wray said...

I love that dress, and I think you look beautiful!!