Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Karen

I'm a little late posting this since Karen actually turned 26 on Feb 28. We celebrated last night, though. We went to dinner at Genghis Grill and came back to the house for cake. It's hard to believe that the first little baby girl we got to bring home is now closer to 30 than 20. She is a good mother, engaged to be married and also my dear friend. She is just beaming lately and I am happy for her that her life is falling into place so well. She has lost 20 pounds and is looking great. I couldn't help laughing at her excited reaction to her sister's gift and that she immediately called her to say thank you. It was the boxed set of "My So Called Life." I never watched it but according to my girls, it was the "best show ever!" Seth helped put the candles on his mom's cake and willingly posed for pictures. It was a good time.


Amy Birch said...

It sounds like Karen had a wonderful birthday!!!

Miffy said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!! :)